• 1Contract Law , Arvind T. (2017)
    A uniquely practical approach to contract law; the problem-based focus helps students to unfold the problem, reveal the law, and apply to life. Using this new and innovative textbook, students are… 3882 руб

  • 2Mysterious Mr Quin , Christie Agatha (2003)
    A unique offering from the Queen of Crime. This Agatha Christie Signature Edition features the hero the world-famous author was most fond of - Mr Harley Quin, the enigmatic friend and counterpart of… 517 руб

  • 3Gabellini , Michael Gabellini (2008)
    Pared to programmatic essence, Michael Gabellini’s work emanates a serenity that belies an underlying complexity. His spaces unfold as intricately crafted, yet subtle stages for the interaction of… 5192 руб

  • 4The Thirteenth Tale , Diane Setterfield (2007)
    Angelfield House stands abandoned and forgotten. It was once home to the March family - fascinating, manipulative Isabelle, brutal, dangerous Charlie, and the wild, untamed twins, Emmeline and… 869 руб

  • 5British History Seen Through Art (Pre-intermediate) (+ Audio CD) , Gina D.B.Clemen (2008)
    "British History Seen Through Art" relates the significant events of British history with a detailed commentary on the most important works of art of the period, which are beautifully presented in… 1209 руб

  • 6A Christmas Story , Brian Wildsmith (2007)
    'Once, a long time ago, in a town called Nazareth, a little donkey was born.'As the wonderful events of the Nativity unfold, Brian Wildsmith tells of the journey of a little girl and a donkey to… 601 руб

  • 7The Sixth Man , David Baldacci (2011)
    This is the new heart-racing thriller from the number one International bestselling author. After alleged serial killer Edgar Roy is apprehended and locked away in a mental facility private… 583 руб

  • 8Wanderlust , Steel Danielle (1987)
    Wanderlust is the story of Audrey Driscoll. Orphaned young, Audrey has grown up caring for her eccentric millionaire grandfather and her demanding younger sister, Annabelle, who assume she will… 607 руб

  • 9The Castle of Otranto , Walpole Horace (2004)
    On the day of his wedding, Conrad, heir to the house of Otranto, is killed in mysterious circumstances. His calculating father Manfred fears that his dynasty will now come to an end and determines to… 365 руб

  • 10Eating Fire and Drinking Water , Arlene J. Chai (2005)
    "I was someone hungry for stories; more specifically, I was someone who craved after facts. I was, you see, a person with no history. Lacking this, I developed a curiosity about other's people's… 592 руб